I would like to report a feature of a product that does not work as shown on the sales page

Alejandro Magaña

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Thanks for reporting this issue, we would definitely like to be informed about this issue as we do our best to provide you with quality products at a reasonable price.

Please send us a screen share video to give us a visual and we will get our technical team to look into it.

(Free software to make screenshare videos are:

Loom - Watch here how to use it, then copy the share link and send us (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PY6v9s1MU8)

Screencastomatic is also free video screen share software.)

If this product was not developed by us, we may need to contact the third party vendor and wait for their response.

In such a case, we will keep you updated.

If for any reason this issue cannot be resolved, we will replace your product with another one of a similar value or give you a store credit of that amount to make future purchases.

Do contact us here and submit your screenshare